About Davis Weather Station

Davis Weather Stations is a professional wireless weather station with a solar-powered integrated sensor.

Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments, a privately held manufacturing company and developer of exceptional instruments for weather monitoring, prides itself on innovative, high-quality products at reasonable prices. They are located in Hayward, California and have consistently grown for over 30 years (and counting). Davis develops and manufactures products that are backed by solid engineering and outstanding customer service. They include the premier weather station, Vantage Pro2, and the affordable Vantage Vue, used in homes, schools, industry, and agriculture around the world.

Who maintain this website

If you take a look from the way back machine, the domain has already up on February 02, 2011.

We have made a made an initiative conclusion to use it for landing page as Davis Weather Station name is getting more familiar.

APEXS Incorporated
Our Company Information

We are APEXS, a reseller in the Philippines for almost years, we have created and maintained all the information posted on this website.

From Davis Instruments: 
- Authorized Reseller Since 1994.
- Authorized Repair Center Installation, Training & Maintenance Partner.

You can visit our company website at (apexsinc.com) APEXS, Incorporated.

We only sell Davis Weather Station in the Philippines market.

We are the only Davis Instruments reseller/distributor in the Philippines.

So if you are in the Philippines, go ahead and contact us.

And if you already have a weather station, you can also contact us for a support.

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