Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone)

A Weather Station That Is Fully Automated (Cell Phone)

Automated Weather Station (Mobile Phone) delivers real-time weather information from area forecasts directly to the user's cell phone or via SMS. 

In many businesses and situations, it's critical to have access to meteorological data, whether for worker safety, livestock conditions, or takeoff and landing.

Regional forecasts are easily available, but the best option is always the one that provides you with the most accurate, up-to-date information for your area at a moment's notice; and that is precisely what an Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone) will provide you with.

APEXS: Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone)

Automated weather stations, similar to airport ASOS and AWOS systems, provide current weather information from remote locations. Multiple sensors, as well as some kind of power and mounting mechanism, are generally included in an AWS system, with the latter differing depending on the system's intended application. At APEXS, we provide weather stations to suit every requirement.

The weather stations begin sending weather reports and alarms directly to the customers' mobile phones through SMS after they have been installed. To obtain updated information, the user just has to change the setup in weatherlink. Temperatures outside of a certain range, lightning, fluctuating wind speeds, wind gusts, and other circumstances can also trigger warnings.

Our weather stations are ideal for any outdoor application because of their diversity and numerous gauges.


When you wish to install a weather station in your area, one of the prerequisites is to plan your Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone). You can contact us for further information about the requirements, such as the place where you wish to install the weather station, or we can arrange for a site visit to ensure that your weather station is properly oriented.

With so many weather stations available, it's difficult to know which is the ideal to purchase and which is most suited to your needs. As soon as you contact us, we may talk about your weather requirements.

We can provide you with a competitive quote on your Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone) equipment.

You can contact us or fill up the following form if you require further assistance with Automated Weather Station (Cell Phone).


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