Grower Weather Station

A Weather Station for Growers

A Grower Weather Station is a sort of weather app that you may have seen on the news or in regional forecasts. This weather application serves as an essential source of information for agricultural operations management.

These reports, however, are unlikely to reflect the circumstances at your particular location. The Grower Weather Station is what you need if you want to know about local weather conditions.

APEXS: Grower Weather Station

Agricultural Weather Station

If you don't have agricultural weather data on hand, you're in big trouble. In order to properly manage freeze protection, distribute irrigation resources, plant at optimal soil temperature, monitor wind conditions, and calculate appropriate harvesting humidity, it is preferable to have local on-site agriculture weather data. It's not surprising that such data requires the use of a local weather station.

It might be disappointing to discover that complex weather stations and data recorders are sometimes expensive and difficult to setup and program, necessitating the assistance of specialists. After all, you're not in the weather instrumentation business. Nonetheless, high-quality, dependable weather instruments, especially those offered at a reasonable price, might be quite beneficial to your agricultural business.


Our weather stations are produced in the United States and are preconfigured to meet your specific needs as a farmer. A simple solar-powered weather station with an integrated mobile phone, for example, may be placed wherever it is needed, such as on-site at your agricultural operation.

Do you want to know when to plant, irrigate, and harvest? Using data from our line of weather stations, you'll find out. Wind meter for wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure are all basic measures.

APEXS: Agricultural Weather Station

You have the option of adding grower-specific instrumentation to this basic configuration (e.g., rain gauge, soil temperature sensor, and soil moisture sensor). Lightning detection can be requested as an option for safety alerts.

Our range of weather stations is also portable when used with a tripod, allowing you to move them around as needed to accommodate altering crop allocation.


One of the criteria for installing a weather station in your location is to plan your Grower Weather Station. You can contact us for further information about the requirements, such as the area where you wish to install the weather station, or we can do an ocular site visit to ensure correct installation or provide training on how to operate your weather station.

With so many weather stations on the market, it's difficult to know which ones are the best value for money and which ones would best fit your needs. As soon as you contact us, we may talk about your weather requirements.

We can provide you with a competitive pricing for your Grower Weather Station.

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