Waste Management Weather Station

A Weather Station for Waste Management

A Waste Management Weather Station will assist you in regulating the elements that impact landfill operations.

For your company or home, Waste Management offers industry-leading disposal and recycling services. 

In the surroundings, there is a garbage dump with a gorgeous sky and cumulus clouds.

APEXS: Waste Management Weather Station

The weather has a significant influence on the operation of landfills and other waste management facilities. Trucks lose traction in wet circumstances, dry winter conditions are perfect, and strong winds are a major issue.

Because of these circumstances, having access to up-to-date, in-depth information on your area is critical. The Waste Management Weather Station is ready to assist you.

As an example, look into the Weather Station at Logan Landfill serves as station CW7710 for the National Weather Services.


A Waste Management Weather Station in Gallatin Solid Waste Management District


Are you putting together a Waste Management Weather Station? Is this one of the prerequisites for installing a weather station in your company? You can contact us for further information, or we can come to your location to properly set up your weather station.

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