How do I join the WeatherLink network on

Three Ways to Join the WeatherLink Network:


WeatherLinkIP allows you to send your weather data to without needing a computer. WeatherLinkIP automatically uploads your data even if your computer isn't turned on—in fact, a computer isn't even necessary to submit data! Find out more.

WeatherLink Network Subscription

Any Davis weather station with a USB or Serial data logger may be converted into a station with the WeatherLink Network Subscription. As long as your computer is turned on and the program is running, your weather data is automatically sent to with an annual membership. Find out more.

Vantage Connect

With the purchase of the Vantage Connect, you will receive a WeatherLink Network page. Find out more.

On you can:

  • CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program), Weather Underground, the GLOBE Program, and other third-party weather sites may all be used to automatically post data.
  • Receive e-mail notifications for current weather or basic alarm conditions.
  • Download the data to your PC for all of WeatherLink's sophisticated charting, graphing, and analysis. Extra User License Kits let you download data to many PCs separately, making them perfect for schools, farms, scientific fieldwork, and remote places.
  • Store four times the amount of data that your data logger can hold on its own.
  • View your data on the map or in the app for iPhone or Android.
  • Allow others to see your current weather data, or mark it as private.

Please contact us with any further questions.

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