What Are DID And Key Code, And How Do I Find Them?

Weatherlink Device ID

The DID and Key Code on the WeatherLink Network uniquely identify your WeatherLinkIP, Vantage Connect, and WeatherLink Network Annual Subscription (WeatherLink.com).

They're both necessary to create a WeatherLink.com account and are utilized to connect your device/service to your account.

You'll see a term that starts with "DID," which stands for "Device ID." It has 12 characters and includes the digits 0 through 9 as well as the letters A through F.

The DID can be found in the following locations:

Vantage Connect: On the label connected to the plastic cover inside the Vantage Connect and on the front cover of the Vantage Connect handbook, look for “DID” next to it.

The DID and Key are printed on a label affixed to the side of the WeatherLinkIP data logger.
Annual Subscription to the WeatherLink Network: 

When you create an account on WeatherLink.com, you will be given a DID and Key as part of the registration procedure.

APEXS: What Are DID And Key Code, And How Do I Find Them?

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