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Introduction to Mining Weather Station

Lightning provides a risk to employees involved in heavy equipment operation, explosives handling, and building activities; heavy rain can close mines and bog down access roads; winds interrupt blasting; and high temperatures can harm staff and machines.

In the mining sector, there are several environmental factors that must be monitored. Heat stress, heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning are all factors that must be constantly monitored to guarantee the safety of employees and the efficiency of operations. So, what's the best method to go about it? We offer the solution: a professional weather station that you can install on your own land and use right away.

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For example, after a three-week suspension due to weather, Chile's Caserones copper mine is nearing full capacity. (c) Photo from

While regional predictions have their uses, we are here to provide a better option. With a weather station tailored to your specific requirements, you can be certain that the information you're receiving is current, accurate, and useful. (In our opinion, this is preferable than cursing the weatherman when he gets it wrong.)

APEXS: Mining Weather Station


One of the prerequisites for installing a weather station in your business is to plan your Mining Weather Station. You can contact us for further information, or we can come to your location and teach you on appropriate weather station orientation.

With so many weather stations on the market, you have no clue what is the best to buy and what will truly meet your needs. We can discuss your weather requirements as soon as you contact us.

We can provide you with a competitive pricing for your Mining Weather Station equipment.

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